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  Secure Backup System (SBS)
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1. Secure Backup
After logging in SBS, select files/folders and right-click to use [Secure Backup]. A new folder containing compressed and encrypted copy of all the files can be generated. SBS Login Password is used as the key in the encryption process. SBS Locks are automatically added to created files to represent SBS compressed and encrypted state.
2. SBS Self-Backup
By using SBS Self-Backup, you can obtain a copy of the latest SBS System File that contains all SBS System data for full recovery of the Secure Backup System (SBS). Just back up the latest SBS System file periodically so that Secure Backup System (SBS) can be fully recovered even when your computer is totally damaged.
3. Decrypt *.sbs Files
After logging in SBS, select *.sbs files and folders containing *.sbs files, and then right-click to use [Decrypt Selected (*.sbs)] to decrypt them.
4. Backup Reminder
It periodically alerts you to back up data based on your pre-set schedule.
5. Secure Zone
Totally 3 Zones (Zone-1, Zone-2 and Zone-3) are provided for keeping your important data of different named subjects. Keep all your passwords, bank account detail, secret data and so on, under one of the Zones for secure storage and quick access.
6. SBS Auto-Logout
For security purpose, Secure Backup System (SBS) can be set to log out automatically after a pre-set period of idle time.
7. First Year of Telephone Support
After completing Product Registration in the program, Telephone Support will be provided for the first year. Users can call our Product Hotline shown in [About SBS] when they come across any problems about installation, uninstallation and general use.