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10-Level Protection Technology

AS Internet Security comprises advanced security technologies from AvailaSoft that include Intelligent Firewall, Parental Control, File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, Insecure Web Detection Loop (IWDL), Preventive Defense, Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG), Computer Cleaning, Secure Encryption, Total Deletion, All-In-One Scan and Double Update.
L1:  Intelligent Firewall
Intelligent Firewall automatically monitors the Internet access of other applications and blocks any suspected illegal access to the computer.

L2:  Parental Control
Parental Control protects your children and staff from accessing offensive and inappropriate content from the Internet by using the computer.

L3:  File Anti-Virus
File Anti-Virus automatically scans files on hard disks, memory and removable drives whenever they are accessed. This prevents viruses and hackers from triggering attacks.

L4:  Mail Anti-Virus
Mail Anti-Virus automatically scans all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses, hackers and other security threats.

L5:  Insecure Web Detection Loop (IWDL)
Insecure Web Detection Loop automatically detects insecure websites and alert users to avoid potential threats.

L6:  Preventive Defense
Preventive Defense automatically protects your computer system against internal and external hackers as well as potential unknown threats.

L7:  Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG)
Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG) automatically protects your password entry during login of any applications (including online transactions, Internet banking, emails, etc.).

L8:  Computer Cleaning
This function cleans Internet Explorer and Windows System to improve computer security and performance.

L9:  Secure Encryption
This function provides AvailaSoft 1024-bit Secure Encryption Technology for encrypting and compressing files/folders as a self-extract file (*.exe).

L10:  Total Deletion
This function irrecoverably erases confidential files/folders for security purpose.