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Secure Folder

According to several US reports, over 98% of IT Administrators have the right or the capability to obtain files of all computers in the company.

Secure Folder (created on Desktop) is similar to a folder of Windows. All files and folders moved into Secure Folder are automatically encrypted.

Hackers, intruders and even your IT department and computer support companies cannot open these encrypted files without correct password of Secure Folder.

After logging in Secure Folder, its icon for quick access will appear on Desktop automatically.

Under Secure Folder, your working habit will not be affected. As usual you can conveniently open and edit an encrypted file by double-clicking it.

When you lose your notebook or you leave your PC unattended, others can easily obtain your data by directly accessing your hard disk without logging in Windows. Since all files in Secure Folder are encrypted, they still cannot open them without correct password of Secure Folder.

Note: Secure Folder is only available in AS Anti-Hacker Enterprise.