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Press Release
AvailaSoft Corporation

17th September 2004

AvailaSoft Announces Immediate Availability of AS Anti-Hacker™- Version 10

The Security Software for Protecting Important Internet Activities

AvailaSoft Corporation today announced the immediate availability of AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10, the latest version of its security software for PC users. AS Anti-Hacker™- Version 10 works with anti-virus software and firewall to provide complete protection for important Internet activities including Internet banking, online transactions, e-mail applications, file transfers, data communications and so on.

Most anti-virus software will defeat viruses but finds it difficult to protect PC users from hacker programs that easily invade personal computers and intercept passwords.

When you search for "Hacking Software" on the Internet, you will find thousands of hacker programs for sale. Many of these claim that they can by-pass anti-virus software and firewalls to steal other's passwords.

AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10 utilizes the advanced technology of Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG™) to offer protection from even the latest hacker programs. Unlike virus protection, PEPG™ technology does not rely on identifying hacker programs from patterns and signatures. It effectively protects password entry from new and previously unidentified hacking tools.

The Insecure Website Detection Loop (IWDL™) of AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10 automatically detects insecure and fraudulent websites and alerts users to avoid potential threats. It stops hacker programs and hidden threats before they appear to enter your computers.

Most firewalls installed on PCs, when set to the highest protection, will generate lots of messages that prompt users to decide if it is safe to continue with their general activities. It is very hard for average computer users to make the right choices. One wrong decision can allow a hacker to gain access.

AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10 fills the gap and auto-protects vulnerable users from internal and external hackers as well as potential threats. The hacker definition database of AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10 contains the most comprehensive information about the latest tools used by hackers. This database is automatically updated so that AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10 can automatically find and remove the latest hacker tools and hidden threats before they cause any loss.

AS Anti-Hacker™ - Version 10 Standard Edition costs US$59.95. For more information, please visit our official website at

Contact: Andrea Sekman,