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  Comparison for AS Anti-Hacker
- Standard, Professional, Enterprise
Product Features Standard Professional Enterprise
  Active Protect
- It provides automatic real-time protection against mass
attacks of internal and external hackers. This also ensures
that no setting is required after 3-minute installation of
AS Anti-Hacker.
  Insecure Website Detection Loop (IWDL™)
- IWDL™ automatically detects insecure and fraudulent
websites and alerts users to avoid potential threats. It
stops hacker programs before they appear to enter your
  Password Entry Protection Gate (PEPG™)
- PEPG™ automatically protects your password entry during
logon of any applications (including e-mail, Internet
banking, online transactions, communication tools, etc). It
prevents your password entry from being captured by
hidden hackers. For detail, please visit
  Computer Cleaning
- It automatically cleans Windows System and Internet
Explorer to improve computer security and performance.
This also ensures that your computer will not be
monitored by Tracking Cookies or other trackware.
  System Scan
- Quick System Scan - Automatically searches for active
hacker programs and potential threats.
- Full System Scan - Comprehensively searches for active
and inactive hacker programs, and hidden threats on the
whole computer.
- It automatically updates your hacker definitions and
insecure websites from AvailaSoft when your computer is
connected to the Internet. This ensures that you are
protected against the latest hackers and threats.
Free for
6 Months
Free for
12 Months
Free for
12 Months
  Security Tools
- [Encrypt As *.exe] - 1024-Bit Secure Encryption is
provided for protecting your important files and folders.
It is useful for your secure backup and file transfer.
- [Securely Delete] - "Securely Delete" function is provided
for irrecoverably erasing confidential files so that any
"undelete" software cannot recover them.
  Secure Folder
- Files and folders kept in Secure Folder are automatically
encrypted by 1024-bit Secure Encryption Technology.
- Compound Icon Processing Technique (CIPT™) adds
Security Locks to icons of these files to represent
encrypted states. For detail, please visit
  Protection Level
- Higher editions provide better protection.
High Highest Highest
  Office Network Connection
- Professional and Enterprise Editions are optimized for
computers connected to office network.
Compatible Optimized Optimized
  License Type
- Personal License is for personal use only. Companies
and organizations should use Commercial License for
priority support.